Randy Edsall is the head coach of the 5-1 Maryland Terrapins.

Randy joined Ed & Steve to talk about his team trying to become bowl eligible with a win at Wake Forest this weekend. Hear all the action saturday right here on 105.7 The Fan.

Steve asks: Did you see what happened to Matt Schaub after  he got injured last game, have you ever seen anything like that happen?

Edsall replies:  I didn’t see it but I heard about it, and its sad, but its the society were living in today

Ed asks:  We heard CJ Brown is back and is he %100?

Edsall replies:  Yeah he is back and he is %100.  He is cleared and ready to go and I think he will play well.

Steve asks:  Can you explain to me how the hit on CJ Brown wasn’t a targeting foul, and if Maryland wasn’t leaving the ACC do you think the call would have gone differently?

Edsall replies:  Well I think that if you had that play happen in the NFL I would say there would be  a fine.  The way they explained it was that its only illegal to hit somebody with the crown of your helmet, so technically you can hit somebody with your forehead.  I think it should have obviously been a roughing the passer call, and I think that college football will be making some changes like the NFL about hitting defenseless players and hitting quarterbacks.

Ed asks:  How do you think you guys are going to play in Wake Forrest, your defense is a little banged up, how do you see this game playing out?

Edsall replies:  Well Wake is just coming off of a big win last week so we have to be prepared.  The one thing we have to do is contain their Quarterback and force some turnovers, the past two weeks we haven’t gotten any turnovers we need to change that this week.

Ed asks:  You got Clemson coming up for homecoming, a lot of teams schedule teams that they will roll over, but Clemson is probably the best team on your schedule, is that a way to fill the stands?

Edsall replies:  I don’t have any input in that I just coach the game and our football team.

Steve asks:  Jadaveon Clowney decided to sit out a game because he didn’t want to hurt his draft status while he was nursing and injury?  Do you think its fair for him to decide to sit out, and how would you handle that?

Edsall replies:  I think its what it is basically, I think that the players should be allowed to get an insurance policy so they are covered if they do sustain an injury while playing that could jeopardize his playing career.

Steve asks:   It seems the Terps are pretty banged up right now, how would you assess the injury situation?

Edsall replies:  Obviously we have some guys that are banged up, some good players too, but we have a next man up mentality.  We hold our guys to a high standard and make sure that the guys are mentally tough and ready to go so if a player were to get injured, the next player is prepared to step in and play as well or better than the guy they replaced.


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