FORESTVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Several fires have broken out recently at an apartment complex in Prince George’s County and the cause of the latest blaze has residents extremely concerned.

Linh Bui has the story.

As she held her cell phone to take video, Romanique Jackson could not believe her eyes.

“The building is on fire,” she said. “Like, are you serious?”

Her video captured the third fire in eight days blazing away in her Forestville apartment community.

“It’s crazy ’cause that could have been our building. We live right across the street,” she said.

And the cause of the fire is very disturbing. Firefighters found a mini marijuana farm in an upstairs bedroom, a grow room with bright, hot lights and a tangle of extension cords.

“Not exactly sure which element ignited the fire but we’re confident that is the room of origin,” said Mark Brady, Prince George’s County fire department spokesman.

So out went the firefighters and in rolled the cops.

“Unbelievable but in this neighborhood, I’m not surprised,” said Penn Landing resident Larae Swann.

Most of the evidence burned up but photographs show what police did find: fragments of plants and jars full of marijuana, along with some growing equipment.

“They just don’t care about the people that live in the area. They don’t care about the kids or nothing,” Jackson said.

Residents are on alert after a string of recent fires. On Nov. 6, an arsonist set a blaze which spread from an empty post-eviction apartment. Two days ago, another unit burned after an unattended candle caught a bed on fire.

“This is very scary,” said Penn Landing resident Jackie Jackson. “Very, very scary for us.”

The Friday morning fire grew to two alarms.

Police found the suspected pot grower at a hospital.


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