BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Storms are already backing up airports, train stations and roads.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on holiday travel delays.

Wednesday is expected to be the busiest travel day of the year, but the big getaway is already well underway.

Driving rain and the storm system to the north is causing some serious holiday headaches.

It was a packed Penn Station Tuesday night with many Amtrak trains delayed up and down the East Coast.

“Hopefully we’ll get home soon,” said one traveler.

Rail travel is on the rise this holiday as travelers try to avoid the nightmare on the roads.

“My mom doesn’t want to drive three hours to come pick me up and then drive three hours back,” said college student Melissa Moore.

Wind and rain are already causing brake lights along the 95 corridor. AAA is recommending drivers delay travel plans.

“If they can, stall and wait to take their trip until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning for more favorable road conditions,” said Christine Delise, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The nasty weather rolling in could also cause big problems in the air.

“This storm could affect other markets across the east, big markets like New York and Boston. That would have some effect, really, on airline travel across the country,” said Jonathan Dean, BWI.

For flyers, that means more time in the airport.

“You’ve got to wait, wait, wait or stand in line,” said a traveler.

At BWI Airport, officials expect 750,000 travelers to pass through during the Thanksgiving week.

And when the turkey is done, they’ll do it all again.

“I still got a little more traveling to do–go back to Delaware. I fly out of Delaware back to Tampa,” said traveler Keith Williams.

Sunday is expected to be nearly as busy as Wednesday.

AAA says a lot more people are trying to avoid the mess on Sunday by leaving on Monday instead.

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