As a new week and month begins, a low pressure system will be developing out over the open waters of the Atlantic.

We had talked a bit late last week about this very same weather system, indicating that the best chance for any rain/precipitation Monday night and especially Tuesday would be across eastern New England.

This still appears to be the case, but most places located along the coastal plain (as far south as Virginia) should still have plenty of clouds Monday– there’s going to be an easterly flow of air, which will ensure that.  With this in mind, temperatures Monday afternoon will either be comparable to Sunday’s, or just a degree or two higher.

But the takeaway point we want to convey is that there won’t be much change from Sunday (when it was mostly in the lower 50s with a few brighter and milder spots).

Tuesday and especially on Wednesday, the rising temperature trend should resume again as a ridge of high pressure develops in the Southeast and then migrates into a position off shore.

While Tuesday should start off rather cloudy, the sun should come out for a few hours, especially during midday and in the afternoon.


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