Paul Allen played for the Minnesota Vikings from 1995-200 and is  in his 7th season as the play-by-play voice for the Vikings.

Paul joined Ken and Steve this morning to talk about the Ravens game with the Vikings this weekend.

Steve asks: Is there anything ravens should worry about with vikings?

Paul: We beat Redskins and Chicago we tied Greene Bay and we were right there with Seattle. As of late it had been pretty good and our offense is scoring points. Adrien Peterson is always dangerous.

Ken: What’s gone wrong this year?

Paul: We just had a string of games were we were losing at the end of the game. We came out of the by and I thought we were doing good then the Panthers blew us out. When your at 3-8-1 there are going to be some things that lead to that. Our defense isn’t playing too well, but they are number 1 on 3rd down, and we have had 3 different quarterbacks and you cant win with that.

Steve: Who is playing quarterback this week for the Vikings?

Paul: Don’t know yet. It is looking like we are going to take a quarterback early in the draft like Joe Flacco. It’s not like its a battle of the 3  best quarterbacks. So I really have no idea.

Ken: Was Giants game sealing Freeman’s fate with the Vikings?

Paul: It wasn’t a bad investment. The shrewd part is that we do have him under your control, find out how he blends with people and studies the game. People in the organization will say we spent the money to see what kind of player he is and we have the entire off season to do that. Something has gone wrong with that move and I do not see him playing this week, but if he did I wouldn’t be blown away.


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