BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Road crews are preparing for Maryland’s second round of winter weather.

Derek Valcourt has more on what’s being done right now to prepare for Tuesday morning.

Just as crews finished cleaning up the mess Mother Nature dumped on us Sunday, they’re now out preparing for round two, expected to wreak havoc on the roads again Tuesday.

Monday night, dozens of salt trucks loaded up at the city’s salt dome. Among the crews, John England and his driving partner Perry Jennings.

“Several streets, several areas that we have to cover,” Jennings said.

They’re out spreading salt on major roads before the first flakes even fall.

“We put a light coating over our whole entire route,” England said.

This work comes on the heels of Sunday’s storm that left a coating of snow and freezing rain over much of the region.

As much as eight inches in Carroll County meant dozens of cars stranded and stuck in ditches. Tow truck crews were busy throughout the night and all morning pulling them out.

“Everybody’s trying to go to work; they’re stuck, they can’t get out,” said John Reiter, Barnes Towing.

In Baltimore County, residents woke to a beautiful glaze of ice on everything, including their cars.

“The snowfall is fun when it’s happening and a task when it’s over,” said Lisa Junker.

Sloppy secondary roads made a tough start to the morning commute for some, but highways were largely clear and passable.

State highway officials say pre-treating the roads Monday night was not necessary but say their crews are rested and ready to go for the morning.

“We really do need people to have realistic expectations. If you are out driving during the storm, we are only able to keep it from getting worse. We can’t keep it clear, bare pavement until a couple of hours after the precipitation starts,” said Valerie Burnette Edgar.

City crews are also on standby.

“Once it gets so bad, then we get a call to put our plows down,” England said.

State and local officials ask you to give their plows and salt truck some room. If you do have to go to work, consider delaying. The more drivers on the roads, the longer it will take for all those trucks to do their jobs. The city says it will have about 180 trucks out during the storm; state highway crews will have about 1,800 trucks out.

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