Diamond Ring Found In Christmas Tree Lot

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MILLERSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Diamond ring mystery. A priceless discovery is made at a Maryland Christmas tree lot and now the person who found it is looking for the rightful owner.

Kai Jackson has her appeal for help from the public.

Someone in Millersville went home with a Christmas tree, but left behind something much more valuable.

At the Anne Arundel Alarmers’ Christmas Tree Fundraiser, volunteer Shirley Grande found more than just branches and pine needles among the trees for sale.

“I was raking this pile over here, which is where we throw all our debris from the trees, and we have a rake and I was raking it and something just started to shine,” Grande said.

The shiny thing in the dirt turned out to be a diamond-encrusted ring.

“Probably somebody had taken their gloves off to look at the tree or something and it had fallen off,” Grande said.

She quickly realized it might be valuable, but the sentimental value might be even higher.

“It definitely is a love ring. It’s an intertwined ring so I would assume it meant something to somebody,” Grande said.

And when we asked her if she considered keeping her discovery secret, Grande said trying to find the owner is the only option.

“I would hope somebody would do it if I lost my ring,” she said.

There are some names engraved on the outside of the ring that Grande hopes will help identify the owner.

If you think that ring might be yours, you can inquire at the Christmas tree lot at 8101 Veterans Highway in Millersville.

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