Let’s just settle this right now. Yes.

Now, what was the question?

Was Flacco hindered by his knee?


However, that doesn’t explain the whole story. If he was hobbled, why didn’t his teammates pick him up? God knows he has carried them enough. And, even if he was, that still doesn’t explain some of his bad decision making.

Plus, if he was affected, why didn’t the coaches do more to help him out? For instance, Tyrod Taylor. No, not to replace him at quarterback, but to provide some wrinkles in the running game. It’s like they have memory loss. Tyrod helped the running game a while back, and we haven’t seen him since.

Are you telling me on that third and short at the four that he couldn’t have gotten a yard? Because the play they called, an empty backfield with no threat of the run was not just dumb. It was borderline criminal. Just unacceptable!

I believe Flacco’s knee affected him, but that means others need to help. And if it didn’t affect him, then that is even worse.


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