Sure, you love your pet, but that doesn’t mean you want your home to scream “welcome to our kennel” the second somebody walks in the front door. No worries, there. You can have your pets and pamper them too without your home’s ambiance suffering because of your well-placed, pet-loving affection. Whether your best friends are hamsters or hound dogs, you can seamlessly meld their accoutrements into your own with savvy design and elegant flair, no matter your taste level or home décor style.

Puppy Chaise Lounge – There are dog beds and then there are diva-dog beds. If your pampered pup insists on sleeping in your bedroom, but you hate the look of average, run-of-the-mill doggie beds, opt for an elegant mini-chaise lounge instead. A variety of styles blend in beautifully with French Provincial or other romantically themed bedroom styles and can be found in a variety of commercial-grade, sumptuous fabrics, ranging from opulent brocade to leopard-print corduroy.

Victorian Bird Cage – As intricately constructed as fine antique watches, replicas of Victorian-era bird cages range in size from miniature to epic and typically feature turrets, statuettes and cathedral ceilings for your best winged friends to play in and enjoy. Many include open-up tops and play areas for the freest-wheeling birds, as well as removable seed catchers for easy clean-up. Don’t be fooled by their name, however. Victorian bird cages can make an eye-catching statement in homes ranging from 19th Century Queen Anne opulence to simple and classic, modern households.

Kitty Mansion Tree House – Nothing screams ugly more than a ripped-up, carpeted scratching post, but any cat lover will tell you how important it is for their regal companions to have a place of their own to scratch at and climb on. Many cat trees now take on the look of nature, featuring rustic details and faux foliage as well as natural tree bark and fuzzy, scratchable, feels-like-real fur. Designed to simulate the feeling of the great outdoors, this new generation of cat tree houses blend in perfectly with rustic homes and cabin décor.

Plasma-Style Wall Mount Fish Tank – Uber-modern and sleek, wall-mounted aquariums come in a wide range of sizes and prices and are able to accommodate both salt and fresh water fish. Custom lighting creates mesmerizing day and night tranquility. Wall-mounted fish tanks can be sweepingly designed to accommodate an entire wall, yet typically require no more care than standard fish tanks. No matter what size you opt for, professional installation is highly recommended, unless swimming with the fishes is your idea of a good time.

Hamster’s Home – If you’re looking for a conversation starter as well as an easy-to-maintain, well-designed haven for your gerbils or hamsters, the Qute Hamster Cage may fit the bill for those who love contemporary, linear design. Constructed to function as an interesting end table or stand-alone accent piece, the hamster cage features a clean-lined, open look and a comfortable, stimulating environment for your pet.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at


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