Ray Rice was on 105.7 Thursday night with Brad Jackson and Purple and Black Attack. I thought there were a couple of interesting points. Number one, he said that the Ravens were predictable with their running game. Number two, he said they weren’t always on the same page. That seems, to me, to indicate some dysfunction with the offense.

My question, if there weren’t on the same page and they knew they were predictable, why didn’t they address it during the season? And, if they did address it, why wasn’t it fixed?

And… another thing from Harbaugh’s press conference Tuesday, he said he didn’t have an adequate explanation why Ray Rice wasn’t in the game in the first half, but when he saw it, he fixed it and got him in there.

So, wait a minute, two days after the game, you don’t have an adequate explanation or you don’t want to tell us?

It can’t be the first one, because if he had to put him in, then Harbaugh had to find out why he wasn’t in the game, right? That means, if it is the second one, you’re going to tell us you don’t have an explanation.


Look, the Ravens get some slack because their track record is excellent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate concerns about what transpired this season, and more importantly, what steps need to be taken to fix it. You can’t just assume it will get better.


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