I feel like i write this blog every year about the voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but something has to change.  I’m so sick of the voters that refuse to vote for players because nobody should get 100% of the vote.  Times change, and that doesn’t have to stay true till the end of time. Its always been said that a Freshman couldn’t win the Heisman, but the past 2 seasons its happened.

I feel like anyone that didn’t vote for Greg Maddux should lose their Hall of Fame ballot. Seriously who watched that guy pitch and could give you one legitimate reason of why he should not be a unanimous decision. I hate that I’m talking about the Hall of Fame in a negative light, when its such a joyous day for Maddux, Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine.  Congratulations to those guys for getting in the Hall and Poor Craig Biggio who missed the Hall by 2 votes.


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