Last week I went 2-2 and  missed  my Lock of the week.  So far on the season I’m   66-42-3 and 12-7 in my Locks of the week.  I’ve been hot the past few weeks, lets continue the streak. Technically most people pushed on my Lock, but I’m counting it as a loss.

Conn-Crete Lock – Broncos – I’m taking the Broncos and laying the points.  I know it seems like a lot of points, but I think things will be a lot different this time around.  The return of Wes Welker will be huge and I think this defense plays out of its mind and limits the Chargers.

Panthers – I like the Panthers in this spot. I know everyone is loving the 49ers and think they are a legitimate contender. I think the Panthers have the type of defense to limit the offense of the 49ers and also make plays on their defense as well with Cam’s playmaking ability. I also like that the Panthers are playing the me against the world mentality.

Patriots – This is my least favorite game of the bunch. I do think the Patriots will be able to slow down the Colts offense and they will be able to make it difficult on the Colts Defense. I expect the Pats to have a nice mix of Run and Pass, mixed in with some big plays through Play Action.

Seahawks – I think this game will look just like the last game. There might be a little bit more scoring, but i believe the Seahawks will dominate them again.  They will make life difficult on the ground and I believe the defense will frustrate Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham.


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