By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This time last year, Baltimore was abuzz with Ravens fever as the team was in New Orleans at the Super Bowl.

Jessica Kartalija explains how a short season is affecting everyone.

With a much shorter season, local businesses say things are a little different this year.

It was crowded downtown when the Ravens beat the 49ers at Super Bowl XLVII. Friday, it’s a little more low-key at Marley Station Mall.

“The excitement level as far as the Baltimore Ravens fans has changed some,” said Chris Henley, Casual Gear.

The good news for retailers–football fans are still shopping, they’re just not buying as much purple.

“Other teams are still in the playoffs, obviously, and Casual Gear, the unique part about this store is we carry apparel for the other 31 teams,” said Henley.

Last year, Ravens Super Bowl gear flew off store shelves. Friday, it’s on sale.

At the Hotel Monaco downtown, they did see a little bit of a decline in business as people weren’t booking rooms for games. Then they saw an uptick, as people were booking more conventions and other activities in Baltimore City.

“With the football games not going on right now, it really opened the door for that business to come back into the hotel,” said Matthew Kane, B&O Brasserie.

Kane is chef de cuisine at B&O American Brasserie. He says while they’re used to the postseason boost, they’re still busy–just with a different crowd.

“You have people coming out just to eat dinner and just to eat lunch, whereas normally, when we do the Ravens game day traffic, and the Orioles are similar, you get more people coming in for a quick bite or drink,” said Kane.

Here’s hoping for another great season–next year.

Kane says, as a Ravens fan, “they gave us several great seasons and the team deserves a break.”

Maybe this postseason you’ll be dining next to a player, as opposed to watching them.

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