Joe Fortenbaugh is a former agent for many professional athletes.

Joe joined Ed & Steve to give his perspective on the upcoming Superbowl in the NFL.

Joe began by giving out all the betting information for the game and how the line is moving in Vegas.

Joe believes that the Seattle offenses struggles have drastically affected the way people are thinking about this game. The best defense in the league vs the best offense in the league is the storyline that Joe and others find most intriguing. Joe says it’s too bad for Seattle that they don’t get this game at home. But Joe did say that the Seahawks are the only defense that can match up with Denver.

Steve mentioned that a lot of betters may be waiting to see what the weather will be which could create a late jumping line. Joe mentioned all the wind that comes through that stadium and how that could really hurt the Broncos and Peyton Manning because of the kind of ball Peyton throws. Joe did say however that you need to take the weather into account when making a bet on this game.

Ed asked Joe about Eric Decker and Julian Edelman and how they’ll both be free agents and if they’re as good as they seem or better because of their QB.  Joe said both are better because of the QB throwing them the ball, Joe worries more about Eric Decker’s ability than Julian Edelman’s.

Joe also mentioned the Richard Sherman incident, and Joe is shocked that people are making such a big deal about his comments.


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