Derrick Mason is a former NFL wide receiver spending a few seasons in Baltimore with the Ravens.

Derrick joined Ken & Steve to talk about Richard Sherman’s antics and Super Bowl 48.

Derrick started the interview by saying he had no problem with what Richard Sherman said right after the game because he was highly emotional. Derrick said he did however have a problem with Sherman giving the choke sign and his other antics. Derrick said win with grace and class and don’t personalize your post game rants.

Steve asked Derrick what he knew of Sherman and what kind of guy he was. Derrick said he is not going to judge Sherman off of something he said in the heat of the moment. Derrick says that what Sherman does off the field in the community lets him know the kind of guy Sherman is and that he believes Sherman is a good guy.

Ken asked Derrick what he thought of all the trash talk on the field. Derrick said he likes trash talking on the field and said if you’re going to talk you have to back it up on the field which Sherman does. Derrick also said that Sherman was wrong to label Crabtree as sorry, Derrick said Michael Crabtree is one of the better wide receivers in the league. Derrick also said that the best trash talker he went up against was Sam Madison of the Dolphins.

Derrick joined us for a second segment where he talked about future moves for the Ravens coaching staff and guys that he thinks could be the Ravens offensive coordinator, and also offered his opinion of the upcoming Super Bowl.


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