KENT ISLAND, Md. (WJZ) — We can’t begin to measure the accumulations in part because of the very strong wind blowing on the Eastern Shore. Plows have been coming through every few minutes. Road conditions have still deteriorated. The big problem they’re dealing with is the wind. It has caused warnings on the Bay Bridge and is blowing the snow all around.

Derek Valcourt has more.

The snow appears to be blowing almost sideways on the Eastern Shore, thanks to the heavy winds.

Queen Anne’s County emergency crews know strong gusts are going to be a challenge throughout this storm.

“We’re expecting winds probably upwards of 30 miles an hour at times,” said an official.

That kind of wind triggers warnings on the Bay Bridge, which officials say will be shut down as needed when whiteout conditions occur. Already, visibility is extremely low. The bridge was all but impossible to see from the nearby shore.

“It’s getting terrible,” said one woman.

In Kent County, it was a last-minute dash to get the all important staples as folks prepare to stay home for the rest of the day–exactly what road crews want as they lay sand and salt and begin clearing away the accumulating snow…a job made even harder by the winds.

“Once the snow starts drifting bad in the roadways, it gets to the point where you cannot see driving down the road,” said one man.

Once the snow stops, folks know they’ll have to deal with the wind and the frigid cold.

For the road crews, the concern is black ice. They’re warning people to stay indoors.

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