Kimmie Meissner was a member of the 2006 USA Olympic figure skating team.

Kimmie joined Ken & Steve to talk about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi which she will be covering.

Steve asked Kimmie about going over to Sochi and about the terror threats and if she feels safe or not. Kimmie said her parents are very worried but she believes that the security will be beefed up and she feels it will be fine. Apparently the US is going to stash some battle ships and carriers in the Black Sea in case the need for evacuation comes about.

Kimmie went on to talk about how much of an honor it was to go over and represent her country.

Ken asked Kimmie if she knew anything about Sochi because Ken had never heard of it before these Olympics came about. Kimmie said its supposed to be very warm there around 60 degrees and has a lot of palm trees.

Steve then asked Kimmie to talk about how she got involved with NBC to go over and cover the Olympics. Kimmie said she was sitting with some NBC employees talking about getting her degree and not knowing what to do when she was done, the NBC guys then called her and offered her a job.


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