Phil Savage is currently the play-by-play analyst for the Alabama Crimson Tide radio network. Phil has also served as a front office member in the NFL for the Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

Phil joined Ed & Steve to talk about being at the Senior Bowl and how the Ravens can improve their offense.

Phil talked about being down out the Senior Bowl and seeing some of the Ravens front office staff down there and noticing how hard they’re working.

Ed asked Phil about the record number of underclassmen joining the NFL draft this year. Phil said it’s not good for football because the college game loses quality for next year and the draft becomes over-stocked with players who get taken to high and force other players to get drafted even lower than they should be. Phil also talked about how NFL teams are short on patience now with the rookie contract structure changing.

Steve asked Phil about whether or not the Ravens would take a QB with their first round pick, because of the Ozzie loving Teddy Bridgewater rumors. Phil said he would be extremely shocked if the Ravens took a quarterback because the Ravens have many other issues and Flacco would be helped by fixing those issues. Phil said if you want to go that route you could probably trade Flacco but that won’t happen. Phil believes all 3 underclassmen QBs will go in the top 5 picks of the draft.

Ed asked Phil if Ray Rice has reached his peak and is now on the decline. Phil said he believes Rice’s down year was a combination of many things including losing Dennis Pitta which made the pass offense struggle and the offensive line struggles contirbuted mainly to the drop off.


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