So the NFL wants to change the point after touchdown (PAT) because they say it is too automatic. I don’t see the point in changing it. I’m just sick and tired of the NFL continually changing things. All this does is make more rules for more bad officiating. It is only one point! It’s supposed to be easy! If it was harder, it would be worth more than one point! Duh!

There is only one scenario I am in favor of – is a TD worth 7 points. You can do nothing and keep the seven. You can go for a PAT … if you convert you get one more point. If you don’t convert, you lose one point. Don’t try and convince me of any other option. You can try, but you won’t convince me. The last thing in the world I want is more emphasis put on kickers. What an awful idea! They aren’t even football players! I would eliminate FGs all together if it was up to me. I hate kickers and there is no reason to put more emphasis on them. The other thing I also don’t want is more decisions for coaches to make. I mean, don’t they already out think themselves enough? Let’s not make them think anymore than they already do.

I just don’t understand why we have to change it. It’s not really broken. It’s 30 seconds. The game is three and a half hours long and we are complaining about a total of 2 or 3 minutes per game? The NFL has to change everything all the time. It’s so annoying. The NFL is like a chick getting ready to go out who can’t decide what to wear – just pick something and stick with it. No need to change 87 times before you go out!

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