You know I must say when the Ravens 3pm Monday press conference was announced to introduce Gary Kubiak as new offensive coordinator, the last thing I was expecting was a random, pointed shot at the media from Head Coach John Harbaugh.

I’ll link the sound-byte so you can hear it.

When asked about the final four candidates by Sun Reporter Jeff Zrebiec, to put closure to stories and add final and factual details, Coach Harbaugh went public with comments that didn’t sit right with me and others in the media too. I’m not a reporter, don’t try to be one and I do not break news. It’s not my game to dig like that. I enjoy information for context, not to break news. And I even keep off the records info off the record.

There are, however, very hard working reporters, columnists, reporters, anchors, TV hosts and yep, even the bloggers that do their job pretty well that don’t deserve to be told their work was “erroneous & fictitious.” That’s out of bounds. That’s not fair and not professional. The news cycle in sports is no doubt a headache but taking pride in telling the media in public that true, sourced news was a mistake, made up story…. That’s not right and I had to blog (and rant) about it.

I’m an opinion based sports radio show host and that’s even too much for me. I preach entertainment to the highest, love Richard Sherman’s ability to say real stuff, have thick skin, get bashed daily for my loud mouth. I’m in it. I live in this world of hurt feelings and public dealings. We, in the media, all do to a smaller extent than the head coach of an NFL team, but I get it. I understand that getting stuff out feels good and coach obviously wanted to get something out about and to the media.

He went too far. I call things as they come. I have my side of seeing things but I try to be honest with my vision of things. So to say, I understand most may not agree with me but my side isn’t clear out of Zinno nation (aka left field) either. Guess I’m saying I may be a nut but I don’t think I’m off base with this post.

The media in Baltimore works hard to help keep the Ravens in the forefront of the news and in mostly a great way. This ain’t Philly, that’s for sure. It’s why the Monday shots toward the media in Baltimore were too much for me.

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