BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The cold weather has returned to Maryland.

Derek Valcourt has more on the impact this frigid weather is having on all of us.

Jump starts have been the order of the day for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Carol Mullan is one of hundreds who woke to a car that wouldn’t start. It was just too cold.

“I was on my way to a medical appointment and had to call and cancel it,” Mullan said.

The hard freeze takes its toll on water pipes, too. When the big ones burst underground, they can leave a massive sheet of ice.

And when smaller pipes burst, plumbers rush to help frustrated homeowners.

One Baltimore man had two cold weather-related pipe breaks this week alone.

“The pipes, when they freeze, the water expands and it busts the pipe right open,” said Eric Perrot of Len the Plumber.

Perrot says they have been extremely busy.

“Guys are taking extra shifts, extra calls everyday,” he said.

And it’s not just the pipes in danger. Doctors say while the very young and very old are most at risk in these temperatures, frostbite and hypothermia can affect everyone.

They’ve already had to perform amputations on adults who didn’t take the proper precautions.

“These people are staying out for extended periods of time. That’s what leads to the frostbite. If you have to go out, go out, and get back inside right away,” a doctor said.

But for some, spending all day outdoors is a job requirement. They know to wear lots of layers and to expect that the cold will slow them down.

Wear “warm socks,” said Tom Sgroy. “Just keep moving. That’s the main thing.”

It’s so cold in Western Maryland that Frostburg State University and public schools in Garrett and Allegany Counties canceled all classes Tuesday.

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