Orioles starting pitcher Bud Norris joined the Scott Garceau show with Jeremy Conn on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming Orioles season and to talk about Orioles Fanfest this Saturday at the Baltimore Convention Center.
Bud was acquired by the Orioles on the trade deadline last season for Outfielder L.J. Hoes from the Houston Astros. Bud was asked how excited he is to get a full season under his belt in Baltimore. “Coming out the break and everything was so exhilarating, playing in the pennant race down the stretch. Really in spring training you get all that time with guys to build that camaraderie and those relationships and get to know the manager and coaching staff a little bit better too. So I’m excited to get a full season with the guys and a couple good years and maybe we can do something in 2014.”

Jeremy went on to bring up that Bud Norris will be making an appearance at Fanfest this Saturday. Bud went on to say that he is very excited to interact with the Orioles fans. “This new fan base is exciting, they’ve been hitting me up on twitter and all kinds of stuff it’s going to be great. But I’m looking forward to getting to fanfest and meeting some season ticket holders. Like I said we are getting right back in the swing of things.”

Bud Norris is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, so naturally he is a fan of the 49ers. Jeremy brought up the Richard Sherman post game interview with Erin Andrew s and asked for Bud’s opinion on the whole situation. “Its professional sports, he was in the heat of the moment you really got to watch your tongue. And it’s really unfortunate from that standpoint because he is such a bright guy; he is a communications major from Stanford. He has a lot going for him very well spoken on and off the field. In that heat of the moment you saw the warrior in him which was great, but at the same token you’ve got to realize that there is kids watching out there too.”

Listen to the full interview right here!


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