By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—One ton of corned beef. That’s how much will be sold on Super Bowl Sunday at Baltimore’s most famous delicatessen.

Ron Matz has more on all the excitement on Lombard Street.

On Super Bowl Sunday, all roads lead to Lombard Street and Attman’s delicatessen.

“Super Bowl Sunday is our single biggest day of the year. It has been for a long, long time. We’ll go through about one ton of corned beef,” said owner Marc Attman. “Super Bowl Sunday is a chance for me to say hello to everybody, to keep everybody in a good mood, give out a few samples here and there. We’re ready for action.”

They are serving up lots of food for Super Bowl platters, where corned beef is king.

“We start cooking the corned beef around three in the morning. Everything that we do here is fresh cut to order. When you get a sandwich or a pound of meat, it’s not pre-packed. We’re cutting it fresh for you, and that’s what makes us distinctive,” Attman said.

James Holloway has been the main meat man at Attman’s for more than 30 years.

“My specialty is corned beef and roast beef. I love to cook corned beef. It’s a three-hour process. It’s just fantastic,” Holloway said.

And that’s why thousands of people line up here each week on Sunday.

“A lot of the people I know personally they’ve been coming here for years. They’re really nice people. They have patience because there is always a line,” Holloway said.

The NFL’s Holy Grail turns into the Lombard Street Trophy.

“We came up with our big Super Bowl sandwich about 10 years ago. We only make it for the Super Bowl. We call it the Lombard Street Trophy. It has corned beef, roast beef, Swiss cheese, turkey, pickles, and olives on a whole loaf of rye bread. A couple of pounds of meat are on the sandwich. It’s $24.99,” Attman said.

Attman’s has been serving up their delicious corned beef and other foods for 99 years.

“It’s a wonderful number. We’ll hit that century mark soon. It’s hard to believe. It all started with my grandfather Harry and my bubby Ida. God bless them. They gave us a good tradition to follow. It something to be proud of and uphold. The Attman family has always been proud of what we do, and it continues today,” Attman said.

Last year, Attman says business nearly doubled because the Ravens were in the Super Bowl.

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