It is without question that we will remain in a cold weather pattern over the next several days. But we’re also trying to drive the point home that a series of impulses of energy moving across the eastern half of the United States are going to be “fastmovers” because of the progressive nature of the upper level wind flow. And, although rumors started flying almost 10 days ago about a major winter storm impacting the East Coast this weekend, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind:

— Without the presence of an upper level trough “digging” into the East, this cannot happen, but…

— We still do have some light snow headed our way Saturday, because a wave sliding across the Carolinas will distribute up to a tenth of an inch of liquid (and it’ll be cold enough for that to fall in the form of snow) before it reaches the Atlantic Saturday evening.

Then on Sunday, a second feature, this one much farther to our north, could cause a little snow, or snow mixed with rain. It’s not to say we’ll be in a fairly “inactive” pattern over the next few days, but we’ll be in for “a series of jabs, and not a huge knockout blow.”


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