Good morning, everyone! Ready for some snow?

The good news is that the forecast is showing BIG consistency, and we should not see any real surprises with this storm. Still looking for a start Wednesday between 7 and 11 p.m. Still looking for an end late Thursday afternoon.

Still looking for a 6-12″ snow along the I-95 corridor, 8-12″ from Mt. Airy west. Then decreasing amounts as you move further west away from the low, which will be hugging the coast. East of the Bay we will see 3-6″, and honestly I’d lean more to 3ish” from Kent Island SE. But even Ocean City could have 1-3″ before a changeover to rain. (Some beach issues could develop with waves 3-6′ higher than normal and steady NE winds of 35 knots for a few hours.)

“Snowmagedden” this ain’t. 6 to 12″. A big pain, yes. But we should only see snow, no big icing (read trees and power lines should not come down as we saw area wide last week). Snow we can move, and will, with good conditions for the “dig out” on Friday.

Speaking of Friday, let’s discuss Valentine’s Day.

I am getting many e-mails and messages about that day. After all it is a weekend night Valentine’s Day, and many people have plans. It is a HUGE night for the entertainment and food service industry. Yesterday I spoke with Ted Bauer of the Oregon Grill and Sergio Vitale of Aldo’s and Chazz. Both are very concerned about this storm. Hundreds of reservations on the books. Food and liquor ordered for those crowds. (BTW that is non-refundable stuff.)

Granted I just pointed out two large and well-known spots, but their story is not too far removed from your neighborhood tavern. Same deal. A big night expected, and supplies ordered.

My point here is don’t cancel your plans yet. Wait and see how the cleanup goes. You know the main lines will be plowed, and hopefully your side streets will be taken care of shortly thereafter. If indeed, Friday night, you deem it too rough to venture out, then don’t. But maintain an even strain during this event. And take it day-by-day. After all we dealt with 72″ of snow in one week a couple of years ago. 6-12″ is 1/6th the amount after the twin blizzards.

We will be on the air all day Thursday with the story,and, if any, unexpected changes.

Have a good day. Be safe, and find some smiles. (I am sure as heck tryin’)


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