Hello, all!

Warm air is finally in the forecast. There is the headline, even more so than an annoying inch of mixed precip coming overnight. Now don’t be fooled, that inch will create some slick areas for Tuesday morning’s commute, but it will give Sharon Gibala something to do-LOL! No really, watch yourselves Tuesday a.m. But by afternoon the sun will be out and we are looking for a high of 46.

The next few days will see highs in the low to mid to upper 50s on Friday! Even into the weekend we stay on the mild side.

Is winter over? Not hardly. March is a long and “iffy” month in the Mid-Atlantic. We see snow, ice, and cold windy days every year in March. I assume this one will be the same. Time will tell.

The days are getting longer. You can feel the sun getting stronger, and spring WILL happen. And that (those) are facts! We are rounding turn 3, going into turn 4, and, (in sight on the straightaway), the “checkers” are in the air… to use a NASCAR phrase.

That’s about all for this Monday. Ya’ll have a fine and safe day. And find some smiles. (God only knows we could use them.)

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