Baltimore Orioles pitcher Darren O’Day has been one of the more consistent pitchers coming out of the bullpen for the Orioles for the past couple years. O’Day is one of the few Major League pitchers to throw submarine pitches.

Darren joins Steve and Ed to discuss whats going on with the Orioles so far during spring training and their most recent signing of Ubaldo Jimenez.

Ed asked Darren what he thinks about Ubaldo Jimenez. Darren says hes excited to have a guy with so much success on the staff and makes the team better. He allows the other guys to take a rest and still allows us to win.

Steve asked what a signing like Ubaldo Jimenez does to the spirit of the club. Darren goes on to explain that even though they had confidence in the team already, Ubaldo just brings more energy and spirit to the team and they are excited to begin the season.

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