WEATHER BLOG: Mild Now, Colder Soon!

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Chelsea Ingram (Use This For Blogs)

We still have a week to go within the shortest month of the year, but we have already seen a pretty large variety of harsh weather. Snowstorms, ice, flooding rain, extreme cold and even severe weather! Today we got a nice break from all of that as we managed a day of sunshine and mild temps. What lies in store for the last several days of the month? One thing is for certain, it is going to get cold again.

After the sunshine and mild temps, a cold front will enter the region Sunday, bringing more in the way of clouds. The air ahead of the front will remain fairly mild, and while some places can have a rain shower as the front approaches, it looks like most areas will remain rain-free during the day. However, Sunday night a wave of low pressure will develop along the front as an upper-level short wave interacts with it. This will cause a narrow zone of precipitation to break out along and just behind the front. The relatively small scale of this feature is what makes the forecast for Sunday night a challenge. Our current thinking is that in the city and on south and east, there will be little or nothing as far as snowfall is concerned with a little mixed wintry precipitation, but north and west we may see anywhere from a coating to an inch of snowfall by Monday morning.

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