Commitment. An interesting word. While I’m not going to quote Webster’s I’ll tell you it’s the key to a successful relationship. When one side shows the other they care, the other does the same. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s back in Baltimore baseball. I don’t know why or how but it’s back and I’m … I don’t know, 16 again! It’s great to think legit progress and effort was put forth to try. That’s it! Just try. The fans we hear from the most are really just begging for love. The Orioles provided love last week when nabbing Pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez and the DH/LF Nelson Cruz. Not major outlandish spending but pointed hole filling and improving. I’m so happy.. it’s freshman year at ECU Fall 1997, Brad Schwartz and I skipped an Econ class to watch Orioles vs. Indians. The feeling of the 2012 postseason was so unexpected it may have magnified things coupled with 14 years of #nopostseasonatall… Wow!

That 2012 feeling is still fresh and with the current talent and aforementioned additions, love is in the air, even if baseball is over a month away. Commitment. The Orioles have just shown it. It’s not the time to ask “what happens if it doesn’t work” it’s the time to embrace the moves so it will work. From not active to proactive. Blowing kisses in the sky for all of Charm City to receive. The blank’d blank blank Baltimore Orioles made moves to get better. A good bit better by most accounts and at a minimum, proper effort to truly compete. They showed a commitment and I hope the world notices because Baltimore sure does. Well done Warehouse. Well done.

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