BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We got through the snowstorm and now we must weather the bitter cold. Before the sun rises, we could break a record.

Derek Valcourt has more on the ongoing problems.

There are two pressing concerns. One, the cold. This kind of cold can be deadly for anyone not properly prepared to be outside. The second concern: refreezing on the roads.

With nightfall, many of Baltimore’s still-covered side streets and sidewalks grew even more treacherous, leaving walkers to step gingerly.

“I almost slipped at one place but I was lucky,” said Friedrun Sullivan.

Officials are warning some may not be so lucky as arctic cold turns much of the slush and melted runoff into patches of dangerous ice, which can be difficult to spot–especially in the dark.

“You could see clear interstate shoulder to shoulder but that area could be wet. It could be you could encounter potentially icy conditions so be on guard, extra vigilant if you are traveling,” said Lora Rokawski, State Highway Administration.

“Looks really can be deceiving. Sidewalks–even cleared–can become solid sheets of ice if there isn’t salt on them.

“Sliding all day. It’s just been pretty bad,” said ambulance driver Janay Moore.

Moore drives for a living. She expects the roads will be worse by Tuesday morning.

“But this is already freezing up now,” she said.

The latest blast of bitter cold comes as police reveal hypothermia led to the death of a 48-year-old woman at an Annapolis park on Friday.

Authorities are urging people heading out into the single digit temps to take precautions.

“My skin feels a little tight. My mouth feels like it wants to freeze up a little bit,” said Cliff Sandlin.

With temperatures not expected to get above freezing Tuesday, the ice should stick around a little longer.

Some schools have already posted delays and cancellations. The morning commute is expected to be slow and treacherous. Plan extra time.

Snow shoveling is being blamed for another death in Maryland. A 62-year-old woman was clearing snow in Bowie when she collapsed, was rushed to the hospital and died. Three deaths were linked to shoveling in Howard County during last month’s big storm.

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