TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Mass shootings and other emergencies at schools and universities are sadly all too common now.

While you never expect to be put in that situation, Monique Griego has more on how Towson University is getting ready.

Towson University holds these drills at every building on campus. Wednesday, they focused on making sure their youngest students and those who take care of them are ready for an emergency.

It can happen at any moment at any school, university or workplace. When that unexpected and unknown emergency comes, teachers at Towson University’s childcare center know exactly what to do.

“Trying to explain to them that sometimes there are things outside that are dangerous and we need to find a safe place in the classroom,” said lead teacher Nicole Vasanth.

With the help of university police, the center put its students through an emergency drill Wednesday.

“Today the emergency was catastrophic weather, like a tornado, but it can be any type of emergency,” said Gay Pinder, Towson University.

Nobody wants to imagine what kind of emergency would force children to hide in a bathroom, but the horrific events at Newtown and other mass shootings have only highlighted the need to have a plan.

During the drill, teachers tried to keep students calm by reading to them until police gave the all clear.

In addition to the drills, Towson also sends out text messages and email alerts to students in case of an emergency.

The last time the university enacted this type of emergency drill was two years ago during the East Coast earthquake.

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