The first couple days of NFL free agency stimulated the economy with hundreds of millions of dollars going to large men who can run fast and hit people. The Denver Bronco’s couldn’t spend it fast enough, here’s 23-million for you T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib go ahead count it, that’s 57-million in small bills in those money bags for you, and there’s more where that came from Demarcus Ware take this 30-million. What’s John Elway smoking? [insert own joke here] Was that a Bill Belichick smile I saw after the Patriots gave Darrell Reevis 12-million for one year to keep fast men from catching footballs? Lovie Smith is loving it in Tampa Bay as the Buc’s went and spent some serious cake on free agents.

The Ravens…. well they got “Ngata,” not number 92 they got zip, the bagel, nothing, that nada. Steve Smith might be added but he’s 35 and admits he’s no longer the #1 receiver he once was, he’ll come at cap friendly price. Really, should we be surprised that the Ravens didn’t dive head first into free agency? Not if you’ve been paying attention for 18 years. Ozzie Newsome is consistent and so are his teams for the most part. Ozzie has never been Mr. Flash and Cash in this free agency game, remember this is the man that invented the phrase “right player, right price.” The Ravens aren’t cheap they’ll spend right up to the cap and they invest as much in scouting and their coaching staff as any team in the league.

They’ve become one of the NFL’s most consistent teams by building through the draft and taking care of their own. This off-season Ozzie has extended Terrell Suggs and kept free agents Dennis Pitta, Eugene Monroe, Daryl Smith, and Jacoby Jones in town with long term contracts. The Ravens have some cap room and they’ll use it wisely as the free agent market settles down. Mr. Newsome might find a few right player, right price Ravens out there. You don’t build teams in free agency you supplement here and build strong winning teams in the draft. You might remember those 2011 Eagles that went out and bought so many high priced free agents that back-up quarterback Vince Young called them “The Dream Team.” You remember that, but maybe you forgot that the dream team finished that next season 8-8. In Ozzie, Ravens fans trust.


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