Hi All! Here is the bottom line: Yesterday is proof that Mother Nature is bi-polar. Had enough yet?

Today, winds behind yesterday’s storm will be steady at about 15-20 out of the NW. Wind chills around 20. That would be a 36 degree departure off of the normal of 56. Had enough yet?

Winds will diminish tomorrow morning. TOMORROW MORNING!?!?!?!? Yep, overnight we will see actual temps go to about 21. The record low for this night is 20 back in 2001. It is Spring, April is in sight, and we might crack a record low (re: read my first line).

By tomorrow, we do though start a warming trend that will get up us above normal Friday through Monday. FINALLY. And Opening Day is looking good with a ton of Sun and a high of 60.

But the next 24 hours will answer the question, “Had enough yet?” Believe it! MB!

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