We are off and running and the early returns have proved to have some early surprises. Here we go!

Top 6
1. Brewers – their pitching has been downright outstanding. Matt Garza has provided added depth and their bullpen has been lockdown.
2. Dodgers – they remember their slow start last year and do not want to have it happen again.
3. Braves – the pitching injuries aside, their line-up is carrying them so far, even with Brian McCann’s departure.
4. Athletics – they aren’t sneaking up on anyone anymore. Jim Johnson is out as the closer already too!
5. Nationals – the staff is legit. The line-up will produce. Matt Williams hopes to avoid the injury bug, which is starting to bit at them.
6. Giants – they will challenge the Dodgers all year long. Staying close will be important. They’re doing that so far.

4 Stats
1. Chase Utley is making Phillies GM Ruben Amaro look a little less crazy. At 35, with a new contract, he’s batting .500 with 3 HRs. But again, he’s always been able to hit, when healthy.
2. Despite Jose Bautista’s .225 batting average, he’s got an OPS of 1.071! He’s got five home runs and a league high 16 walks. He’s getting on base over 44% of the time.
3. Felix Hernandez continues to dominate. He’s 3-0 with 30 K’s. He’s given up just 14 hits and walked only two. Cy Young candidate.
4. Former Oriole Jason Hammel is back to his 2013 form. Though it’s only two starts, he’s won them both and given up just seven base runners total.

Bottom 3
1. Diamondbacks – are they still stuck in Australia? They are playing that way. First team to double-digit losses.
2. Reds – the line-up is being all jumbled around. The pitching has been poor. It’s chaos right now.
3. Royals – after a post-season chase last year, this wasn’t the start they wanted.


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