I’ll not go into major depth but rather project what I think, or would like to have happen, for this years NBA postseason.


Pacers over Atlanta in 4 games
Heat also only need 4 to beat the Bobcats
I’ll take the savvy vet Nets (3 seed) to upset Toronto in 6.
I’ll also go total homer and pick the Wizards to upset the Bulls in 7 games…


Spurs have a tougher time than they think against the 8 seed Mavs but San Antonio wins in 5 hard games.

The Thunder don’t rain on the Grizzlies like a normal 2 seed over a 7. The Memphis bigs are skilled and smart and will give OKC a very difficult series. Thunder in 6.

I know Chris Paul & Doc Rivers will probably propel Blake Griffin into round 2 but the sharp shooting of Golden State will make this a fun one. Lob city in 6.

I can’t stand Dwight Howard. He’s so talented yet we see such weak sauce from him. The Blazers could have been one of the best out west. Lost their mojo tho. They have tons of talent and can play very smart basketball. I think they show who they should be, at least for one round. Portland in 5.

Enjoy the postseason!


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