It’s always fun to be totally clueless. Ignorance is bliss, right? Well then this should be fun because in April guessing what an NFL team will do in December is nothing but pure fun. I’m clueless, you are too, it’s just for giggles. I say to those who take this picking thing so serious to loosen up, don’t take guessing so serious. Why so serious? If you stake your claim on picking games you need to wake up a bit. These things are far too volatile. That said let the fun begin:

Week 1 in Baltimore vs the Bengals
Hard game. Both teams are introducing new offensive coordinators, while Cincy also has a new defensive coordinator too. Jay Gruden is HC in DC, Mike Zimmerman HC with the Vikings. The Bengals are still packed with talent on both sides of the ball, can they be ready week 1 on the road? Edge Ravens

Week 2 in Baltimore Thurs vs. Steelers (TNF)
Wow. Short turnaround in division, thankfully for the Ravens it’s at home. No travel gives an edge. With good division teams I give a home & home split. Simple analysis. Edge Ravens

Week 3 at Browns
They are going to stink, bad probably. Good defense. Great WR but who’s the QB? A star rookie. Maybe but he ain’t beating them in Baltimore. Edge Ravens

Week 4 in Baltimore vs. Panthers
Steve Smith gets to play his old team, it will make huge headlines, will be a storyline the week prior, blood and guts everywhere but will likely make zero difference who wins. Love Cam Newton, strong run game & solid defense but who are the WR’s for Carolina? Edge Ravens

Week 5 at Colts
Ravens can’t beat Andrew Luck in Indy. Too balanced of an offense. Even if Colts don’t have a great Defense, Pagano will have them decent and no way Ravens can keep pace on the scoreboard. Edge Colts

Week 6 at Tampa
Bucs won’t be good this year but Lovie will inject spirit into the entire team. Their new uniforms are the worst I’ve seen, maybe the team will out play those at least. Who knows, tough game back to back on the road for Baltimore but I can’t see them losing to Tampa. Edge Ravens

Week 7 in Baltimore vs. Falcons
No way in the world Atlanta is as bad as 2013. This has to be a put up or switch it up year for the Falcons. They’ll be as good as we all thought they’d be in 2013. Edge Falcons

Week 8 at Bengals
I said I split the division games with the good teams. This game goes to Cincy plain and simple. Edge Bengals

Week 9 at Steelers (SNF)
I’d love to think Ravens will take this one but back to back away division games and my “formula” of pure guess work gives this one to them. Edge Steelers

Week 10 in Baltimore vs. Titans
In a vacuum I don’t think the Titans will be good enough to beat Baltimore but after two hard divisions games in weeks 8 & 9 Tennessee may catch the Ravens during a beat up slide. Edge Titans (could be very wrong here)

Week 11 BYE

Week 12 at Saints (MNF)
A well rested late in the season BYE will do this Ravens team well but I can’t see going to Nola and beating Drew Brees. Hard to say but MNF at the Super Dome = Edge Saints

Week 13 in Baltimore vs. Chargers
Tough task to come across the country and play at M&T for a 1pm et kickoff. That’s the ask of the Chargers. No way. Edge Ravens

Week 14 at Dolphins
Does anyone really know what the heck is going to be in Miami? They’ve got offensive weapons sure but is anyone going to stake a claim about the Solphins? Not me. Edge Ravens

Week 15 in Baltimore vs Jags
I’m not wasting my time or yours with this one. Edge Ravens

Week 16 at Texans
Too much talent for Houston to be bad again and with a top pick and almost an entire season for Bill O’Brien to get his team going Baltimore won’t like the outcome in H-Town. Edge Texans

Week 17 in Baltimore vs. Browns
Cleveland is going to be out of it by seasons end. Will play hard yada yada yada.. Edge Ravens

So there you have it. 9-7 with a margin of error of 1 game. A season of streaks. Hope I’m dead wrong or exactly right or something in between. Either way it was fun.


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