I’m not one of those guys to go down the list of games and say win or loss, but i do like to point out games that could be trouble and some favorable spots.

Things I like… Ravens finish with 5 winnable games.  You have 2 warm weather teams coming to Baltimore in November and December.  The ravens other 3 games are either in a dome, nice weather or against a favorable opponent.  Another thing I like is the Ravens get a late Bye week and 2 weeks to get ready to play a tough Saints team. In September the Ravens will have 3 home games and they will host a Thursday night game early against the Steelers. Its better to be at home than on the road on a short week of rest.

Things I don’t like.. They have 4 road games in 5 weeks starting October through the first week of November.  They have back to back road games against divisional opponents which can be very difficult.  The Ravens don’t have any divisional games until late in the season. That worries me because if they fall behind early, it will be more difficult to catch up.


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