Here are a few of my thoughts, in no particular order. The Ravens have a favorable start, getting their toughest divisional opponents, the Bengals and Steelers at home, and the weak one, Cleveland on the road. That has, if the Ravens are healthy and ready to go, 3-0 all over it. I do find it interesting that the NFL seemed to have it mandated that teams would have their schedule late in the year filled with divisional games so they wouldn’t be able to rest players late in the year for games that didn’t mean anything. 5 of the Ravens 6 division games are played in the first 9 games. That is somewhat contradictory for what seemed to be a new policy.

The Ravens toughest road game on paper seems to be New Orleans. The NFL really hooked the Ravens up here, giving them this game after their bye. An extra week to rest and come up with a game-plan is huge. It does seem odd (and somewhat disappointing) to have no games vs. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, but it will be easier.

I think the Thanksgiving schedule is flawed; all 3 games feature NFC teams. So there are 6 teams playing on Turkey Day, none from the AFC. That is a mistake.

Also, the Seahawks are getting screwed. They won the Super Bowl, and of their 4 prime time games, only one is at home, the opener. It looks like the NFL decided that the Seahawks are so good at home that they don’t want these games to be blowouts in prime time, so they evened the playing field by making Seattle hit the road.


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