By Mark Viviano

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — It’s the day every NFL fan marks on the calendar. The draft is underway in New York, and Ravens fans are waiting to see what the team will do.

Mark Viviano has more on what position fans think the Ravens should target.

The Ravens have two Super Bowl trophies, and the guys who put the rosters together–from GM Ozzie Newsome on down to the scouts–believe that those championships and the team’s overall winning ways are the result of their success in choosing the best available college talent in the draft.

Ozzie Newsome is the “Wizard of Oz,” with his magic touch picking players. He’s picked Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, plus numerous All Pros and a Super Bowl MVP in quarterback Joe Flacco.

But the Ravens know not to gloat too much about their draft success.

“You check your ego at the door,” Newsome said. “And when you check your ego at the door and will out all of the information to dictate how we’re going to set the board and then we just pick the player that’s available to us.”

“I think there is a lot of luck with the draft. That’s why we value picks as much as we do. The more picks you have, the more chance you have at getting lucky on a guy,” said assistant general manager Eric DeCosta. “Our whole mindset is get as many picks as you can and then pick the best available players.”

Of all the available players, we ask you with our WJZ Fan Cam–what position do you want the Ravens to address with their first pick?

“Hey Ozzie, hey coach, I think this is what we need–some help on the offensive line, maybe a wide receiver, maybe even a new running back,” one Ravens fan said.

“Hey Ozzie, I think you should go after a wide receiver because there’s no one really to throw to on the Ravens team as of right now,” said another.

“Hey Ozzie, hey coach, I think we need a free safety,” another fan said.

“Hi, I just want you to know I love the Ravens. I’m a purple passion fan and I hope we have a great team next year and they better win,” a Ravens fan said.

Thirteen of the Ravens’ 16 games are on WJZ-TV this upcoming season, including the opening game against the Bengals and the first-ever CBS Thursday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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