BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Tailgating and flipping the bird. Those are just two of the reasons Baltimore drivers are being called some of the least courteous in the nation.

Monique Griego has more on where Charm City ranks in a new study.

A new study is calling out drivers in Baltimore for being some of the rudest in the nation.

“They’re really rude. They don’t care whether they cut you off,” said driver Frank Leister.

“Very impolite. Always trying to budge in front of you,” said Marty Cushner.

Prince Market Research, an independent company, surveyed 2,500 rush hour drivers in major U.S. cities.

When it came to the least courteous, Baltimore landed at number three–just behind Atlanta and Houston, which came in at number one. Washington, D.C. and Boston rounded out the top five.

“I would have to agree. These drivers are rude, real rude,” said Tieja Hooper, driver. “Tailgating, yelling out the window. Everything.”

The study looked at several types of bad behavior, including tailgating, cutting people off, obscene gestures and people that eat or apply makeup behind the wheel.

“They actually are very dangerous behaviors on the road,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police. “You cannot control your vehicle safely by tailgating someone, by changing lanes abruptly.”

In addition to getting into an accident, police want to remind drivers road rage is also a dangerous and sometimes deadly threat.

“You never know who’s in the other vehicle. You never know what they may have,” said Black.

While drivers were aware of the danger, many admitted to be less than charming in Charm City.

“If I’m in a rush and somebody is driving like slower than they could even walk, then I do hold my horn down for a long time. I’m guilty of it,” Hooper said.

So which city is the most courteous? Portland, Oregon.

Drivers included in the study drive in rush hour at least three days a week.

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