Tom Reed writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and covers the Cleveland Browns.

Tom joined Ken and Steve to talk about the Browns off-season and Johnny Manziel and his Vegas partying.

Tom began by talking about the Johnny Manziel partying in Las Vegas that is going on. Tom said the reaction has been mixed in Cleveland about Johnny football and how he is spending his time prior to reporting to the Browns. Tom said it’s a 60/40 split with the 60 being pro Manziel, and that it shouldn’t bother anyone because half the league was in Vegas probably.

Tom said Cleveland needs to realize that when you get Johnny Manziel on your team you have to realize you get Johnny and everything that come with him, you don’t get a watered down version of Manziel.

Tom also said that the Browns are saying Brian Hoyer is significantly ahead of Johnny Manziel in the quarterback competition. However Tom said if the Browns start out 0-3 don’t be surprised if a quarterback change is made after their bye week.


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