BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two inside pitches and a baseball bat flew down the third base line. Orioles fans are wondering whether Manny Machado threw his bat in anger or by accident.

Jessica Kartalija reports fans are weighing in after not one, but two incidents involving the third baseman in the same series.

The move by fan favorite Manny Machado cleared the benches and got him and Oakland A’s pitcher Fernando Abad thrown out of the game. Machado says it wasn’t intentional.

“The bat slipped out of my hands trying to make contact, and the umpire thought it was intentional,” he said.

The hostility between players started Friday when Machado became angry with the way A’s player Josh Donaldson tagged him on an infield groundout. Machado threw his helmet on the ground and confronted the third baseman.

Fans called into WJZ’s own Rob Long and Vinny Cerrato on 105.7 The Fan to talk about the throw that got him thrown out.

“If he charges the mound, it’s probably more acceptable than throwing a bat,” said one.

“Then he tosses the bat and his aim was off. It went to third instead of going to the pitcher,” another said.

Machado, 21, insisted the bat slipped out of his hands but the umpire disagreed and Machado was ejected.

Opinions are mixed about the incident.

“I would think that it was done intentionally, just out of anger. I would probably do the same thing, just like any other baseball player,” said a fan.

“I think he’s got more class than that. I don’t think for one second that he would let his emotions overcome him that badly. He’s a professional. I give him the benefit of the doubt,” another fan said.

“I think it was intentional. It was a slight overreaction. Maybe he should have kept his composure because people are watching and maybe it would ignite more bad behavior,” a third fan said.

Machado could face suspension from the league for throwing the bat. It’s unclear what will happen next.

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