Former major league catcher, and the “most interesting man in the league,” joins The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn.

As a hitter, Jeremy and Scott ask Buck what do hitters look for when they are up to bat. Buck answers both by saying he is always looking for things whether if it is as small as a finger, a hand, or a glove to see what is about to be thrown across the plate for the former catcher. Always looking for that “hitch.”

Right before Buck came on, a former fan Kurt, called into the show about a memorable moment where Buck played catch with the fans glove and actually gave him one as well.

Buck is a big fan of Nelson Cruz, of the Orioles. He spoke very highly of Cruz telling Scott and Jeremy that he is a “terrific and aggressive hitter and he kills the Blue Jays.” He also adds that he is looking for “Cruz to do some damage on the fast ball.”

Buck did not just talk highly about Cruz though but also one of Baltimore’s favorite Matt Wieters. He talked very highly of Wieters including that he is a “good defensive player.” He called both teams, the Blue Jays and the Orioles “the class of the league.”

Last year it was hard for the Blue Jays to come together a team but spring training this year seemed easier for the Jays. This is an important trip for the Jays because they stay on the road to go face New York and Cincinnati.


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