By Rick Ritter

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) – Heavy rain and thunderstorms slam Maryland again.

Rick Ritter has a look at the areas hit hardest by flash flooding.

It’s hard to believe, but flooding hit 10-feet high in some areas, leaving some drivers with no choice but to stand on the hood of their cars and wait to be rescued.

Trees toppled over and trucks were floating like bath toys after heavy storms pounded Baltimore County.

“I never seen nothing like this before,” said Jose Cruz, Frankford Towing.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 first spotted damage in Dundalk. Flooding underneath a bridge along Erdman Avenue forced crews to rescue a truck driver who had no choice but to climb to the roof of his vehicle.

“As I’m coming down the street right here, they were pulling a truck, big heavy duty truck,” Cruz said.

Police say underneath the bridge floods with knee-high water. But they say Friday afternoon, flooding reached 7 to 10 feet.

It was a frightening situation for many drivers–like Barun Magr–whose Honda Accord was engulfed by flash flooding.

“I never forget this day. I never saw like this and never happened in my life before,” said Magr.

“You look at his car and it’s like, totally flooded out,” Cruz said.

In another section of Northeast Baltimore, part of a tree collapsed and just missed Greg Jones’ grandfather’s home.

“I was standing on my front porch and all of a sudden I started getting smacked by hail,” Jones said.

Either way, it’s a storm he will remember forever.

“It was big chunks of ice, probably about the size of a 50 cent piece,” said Jones.

And these people know they’re lucky to walk away without a scratch.

“It could’ve been worse. Thank God nobody was hurt,” Jones said.

Flooding underneath that bridge along Erdman Avenue shut down northbound and southbound traffic for several hours.

No one was injured.

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