SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJZ) — Police are searching for four dangerous men who kidnapped and robbed a man in an intricate plot. The victim may have been targeted after he won a sum of money at Maryland Live! Casino.

Christie Ileto explains how the plot was foiled just in time.

Police say two men were robbed and kidnapped for five hours at a Montgomery County hotel–a crime that may have stemmed from one of them hitting it big at the Maryland Live! Casino.

Detectives say four suspects — three men and a woman — forced their way into the hotel room of victim number one early Friday morning, demanding money. After handing over all he had, the suspects demanded more.

Police say victim number one then called a friend to the room. He was taken later that morning to a nearby Bank of America to withdraw cash while victim number one was held hostage back at the hotel.

At the bank, police say victim number two then passed a note to the teller, saying he was in trouble.

“When he went up to the teller window, he was able to alert the teller that he was in trouble and that the teller should call the police,” said Captain Paul Starks, Montgomery County Police.

Police say that’s when the suspects at the bank ran off. The suspect holding victim number one hostage at the hotel got a text, saying the plan was foiled before running off himself.

Montgomery County Police confirm the victim was at Maryland Live! Casino hours before the alleged incident took place. WUSA says the victim told police he had just won a large sum of money.

The alleged victims are still trying to make sense of what happened. Police say the four suspects remain on the run.

Police say neither victim was seriously injured.

Police say the victims did not know the suspects.

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