By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He’s a man on a mission to find the best when it comes to baseball.

Jessica Kartalija reports Camden Yards is getting top honors.

At Camden Yards, a good old-fashioned hot dog is a fan favorite.

“The perfect hot dog is a medium-sized hot dog with ketchup, mustard,” said Nick Ertel, Reisterstown.

“This hot dog is very, very good,” said Judy Cooper, Crownsville.

Frankly speaking, they’re not just good, they’re the best. That’s according to a 52-year-old from Oklahoma who writes about winning wieners on his website, “Blog About A Dog.”

The Esskays are top sellers–and for good reason.

“You can’t really be at a ballpark and not get a hot dog. I think it’s almost un-American to do that,” one Orioles fan said.

“They’ll buy like seven hot dogs at a time,” a vendor said.

Jake Smith and his brother are hot dog connoisseurs.

Kartalija: “When you come to the baseball game, what do you like to eat?”

Smith: “Hot dogs and peanuts!”

In the end, it may not be what happens between the bun, but the whole experience that wins fans over.

“Tastes like summertime at the ballpark. Where else are you going to get that?” said Doug Sherman, Pennsylvania.

In the end, there’s no better ballpark in the country for eating hot dogs.

Hot dogs are graded on a scale of best bun, taste, topping, price, and finally, the “it factor.”

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