Michael Felder from Bleacher Report talks College football and a little Houston baseball with Scott Garceau.

What is the scoop with, of course, Johnny Manziel? Seems like everyone is pretty opinionated about the quarterback. Is there an upside for Manziel? Manziel made everyone look throughout his college career. One thing that really made people look was in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl. Felder noticed “NFL throws” from Manziel, especially in that bowl. Manziel is good but can he get better? Is he an NFL starter? Potientially, yeah Manziel could be a starter.

Another person to really check out this season is Jordan Zumwalt out of UCLA. Zumwalt was drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Zumwalt sure had his ups and downs through the season but when he played Virginia Tech, he played hard and well against Logan Thomas, which Felder really took a look at. He showed up when he played especially at the end of the season. He wants to be a “downhill linebacker.” Zumwalt should be a successful player, at least that is what people are expecting. He should fit well with the Steelers.

Houston Astros baseball player, Jose Altuve, has been outstanding especially on offense. Altuve has been hitting exceptionally well and steals about 2-3 bases a night. People should really watch this young player play.


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