Roch Kubatko from MASN talks with Scott about Orioles baseball and now, life without Manny Machado.

Ubaldo Jimenez had a great day pitching last night. Kubatko said that “he has the ability to bring his a-game, his delivery is a blessing and curse.”

More with the Orioles pitching, will the Orioles make a few trades to get Jeff Samardzija from the Chicago Cubs? Orioles are always looking for a pitcher, but his track record is iffy. Right now the Orioles do not want to give away the pitchers that the Cubs are looking at including Gausman, Rodriguez and Bundy.

Now, how about that Manny Machado? People are kind of frustrated with how Machado handled the situation. Yesterday, Machado was clearly frustrated because he thought he thought his suspension would be reduced. Realisitly, people were looking at only missing possibly just four games, but Machado thought maybe just two or three. Machado said “he will not do it again.” Orioles or the MLb can not have guys acting like this, period.

Last night Orioles played there second game of their series against the Texas Rangers last night, with Manny Machado. Chris Davis played third for Machado but was not doing so hot, nothing like we have seen from Davis before. His throws were not there last night; he was rushing his throws. Not so sure that we will see Davis playing third while Machado is out anymore. No worries with there hitting last night though. Four homeruns were hit by the Orioles last night.

Scott asked for a “letter grade” from last nights game. The first half, Kubatko gave the Birds a strong C+. They only had one quality start in the past couple games. The O’s are starting to look like a last place team, Kubatko said, if that is the case then he would give the O’s a solid A-. It is time for the Orioles to step up their game a little bit.


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