WEATHER BLOG: Tropical Storm Arthur

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Hi, everyone.

Well, now we have a tropical storm off the coast of Florida. Let the “tropical fun” begin. Arthur’s movement will be east/northeast away from the coast. But it will be close enough that through July 4th we will see heavy surf and rip tide advisories migrate up the eastern seaboard. Personally, I would not change plans if I were headed to O.C. or any of the nearby beaches. Just be darn sure you pay attention to the beach advisories and the lifeguards.

Locally it has gotten hot and humid. Tuesday will be 91 and Wednesday will be 95 degrees. There will be spotty t-storms, and Tuesday, as a cold front starts to bang into this unstable air mass, the potential for gusty weather will exist.

By Friday late afternoon we “should” see some clearing, and have OK weather for fireworks. The weekend is looking sunny and fine!

Weather. It’s all about the timing, isn’t it?


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