Wednesday, on the Vinny and Rob Show there was lots of discussion about Ryan Flaherty and his ability or inability to play. Some believe he’s not worthy of even playing in the Majors. I’m not a fan but I’ve seen players less worthy of an MLB uniform.

During the four hours of the show, there were some who defended Flaherty and some who piled on. You can put this guy (two thumbs pointed toward myself) in the category of piling on. I felt the O’s could have gone in a different direction in choosing a back-up infielder but they did not. They chose Flaherty.

Just as fate would have it, Ryan Flaherty had his best game of the year Wednesday night. Not only did he make two outstanding plays in the sixth inning, but he hit the home run that put the Birds ahead for good, which was his second hit of the night.

Immediately after the two good defensive plays, I went to social media and gave Flaherty credit for his effort. To my surprise, there were still people that crushed Flaherty. People who continued with the notion that he’s not a big league player.

Whether or not that’s true, the man hit a go ahead home run for the team that you cheer for. Maybe that’s not the time to bash him or point out what he cannot do. I’m still not in the Ryan Flaherty Fan Club but I love it when he makes plays or does positive things to help my team. That’s called being a fan. As a sports talk radio host, I will continue to analyze his play and criticize when applicable. That’s my job. But if the guy has a good night, I’ll just pull up to the table and enjoy my crow.


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